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A VHDL Primer

By J. Bhasker

Hardcover, Prentice Hall
Third Edition, ISBN 0-13-096575-8, 1999
Revised Edition, ISBN 0-13-181447-8, 1995
First Edition, ISBN 0-13-952987-X, 1992
Japanese Edition, CQ Publishing, ISBN 4-7898-3286-4, 1995

Reader comments:

" I would like to commend you on writing an excellent book which presents concepts in a lucid and easy to understand way. Thanks for writing a great book."
- Sriram Subramanyan(*), ASIC Design Engineer, Philips Semiconductors

"I do have an old copy (red cover) of your "A VHDL Primer" and plan on recommending it. Excellent book." 
- Jim Lewis, ASIC and VHDL Consultant

"Thank you for sending me your excellent books to take a look at. I plan to replace ____ text with your VHDL text. Thanks again for writing such excellent and practical material " 
- Prof. Fouad Kiamilev(*), Univ. of North Carolina

"I learned both VHDL and Verilog by reading your books and trying it out. I use your books as a constant reference and appreciate examples using actual working code. I want to thank you. You have prevented many late nights at the computer trying to figure out a problem by myself." 
- Kevin Abbott, Designer

"I read your books and I found them tremendously useful. Actually, these texts "A VHDL Primer" and "A Verilog HDL Primer" introduced me to VHDL and verilog respectly. The books were easy to read and understand. They are wonderful introductory texts. In fact, I still reference them. I would recommend them as text for a course as part of a freshmen's Electrical Engineering curriculum" 
- Lincoln A. McLoud, Bell Labs

"I really liked the VHDL Primer book; it is very well written" 
- Prof. Parag Lala, University of Southern Florida

"Even though this book is entitled as a primer, I can always find a good answer for the in-depth questions my students or engineers often ask" 
- Prof. Jing-Yang Jou, National Chiao Tung University

"After reviewing many of the alternative books on VHDL, I have recommended your book to a number of people who have been pleased with it" 
- Bob Collins (*), Applied Signal Technology

"I think you give an excellent treatment of the VHDL delay model and signal assignment semantics in a number of sections. These concepts are not always intuitively obvious and you provide clear, concise explanations as well as several good examples." 
- Jeff Jones(*)

"It looks like an excellent book to me. I think there's a real need for a book that gives straightforward explanations with lots of examples, and your book does just that." 
- Gary Imken (*)

"First I want to thank you for writing this book, A VHDL Primer. I teach a VHDL course at our company and I had been giving the students another book on VHDL. As soon as I began reading yours, I realized I liked it better. In fact it follows the way we teach our course so closely it looks like they were developed together. We are now giving the students a copy of your book." 
- Rich Hatcher(*), Texas Instruments

"We obtained a copy of your book "A VHDL Primer". As an enthusiastic ASIC design group we use VHDL for simulations, synthesis and verification by drivers and monitors, we peruse each VHDL publication on useful application information. Your book has a high added value." 
- Johan van der Wiel(*), AT&T Network Systems, Nederland

"So we bought your book A VHDL Primer. I am reading very hard and though I've read already the other books, I find yours is the one explaining the things with the most detail. Congratulations. You did a very good job." 
- M.Koch (*), University of Stuttgart

"By the way, I like your book very much. It's the one I use most." 
- Howard Johnson(*), Model Technology

"By the way, your VHDL primer book is the best on the market!" 
- Stu Sutherland (*)

"I personally felt that it was the best book on VHDL that I have come across." 
- Subramaniam P.(*), Lucent Technologies

"I am using your book, which is the most useful book about VHDL that I have seen, as a reference. I am a beginner and this is my first VHDL program." 
- Edi Sackinger(*), AT&T

"Have you guys looked at the VHDL Primer from Prentice-Hall? I think it's pretty good." 
- Prof. Jim Frenzel, University of Idaho, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"Most of our VHDL class students and some of our ex-students who received a different book have praised yours highly. I expect to continue to use it and look forward to seeing the new edition." 
- Rich Hatcher(*), Texas Instruments

"I saw your VHDL book in the Computer Literacy book store(The biggest computer book store in CA). It is a nice book. I bet you have a very income from the book." 
- Jeffery (*)

"As a starter,I would recomend very much the book
VHDL primer - J. Bhasker.
Edition: Rev. ed.
Published: Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: PTR Prentice Hall, 1994.
Haveused this book myself and is very good for people who have just the basic programming expereince. All other books can come later. I would suggest that you use the latest 1994 edition that has come. It is a very good book for beginners." 
- Vijayanand J Angarai(*) at The University of Texas, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"I have been using your book "A VHDL Primer" for some time and it is very good!" 
- Graham Kirsch(*), Cambridge Parallel Processing Ltd

"Your book helped my VHDL learning very much. I'm going to get Japanese version and enjoy it. And I let my friends know about it." 
- Wataru Goto(*), Lucent Technologies

"This book is very good if you are fairly familiar with VHDL but want a good VHDL reference. "
- Mikael Karlsson Rudberg (*), Linkoping University, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"A book I picked up, which I really like, is "A VHDL Primer" (Revised Edition), by J. Bhasker. It's a Prentice-Hall book, copyright 1995. It seems to have become very popular, and you should have no trouble finding it at any good sized technical bookstore. Personally, I have learned a lot more by doing, than by reading the book. As such, it's very nice to have a well balanced book, like "A VHDL Primer", which serves as both an excellent reference and reasonably good reading." 
- Gordon T. Samuels (*), Texas Instruments, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"I'll second that motion on the Bhasker book! I'm currently taking a course in VHDL programming here at UVM, and I've found it valuable as a reference..... I think the Bhasker book is better organized." 
- Steven N. Hirsch, University of Vermont, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"If you really do want to learn VHDL, a few suggestions: 1) "A VHDL Primer", Jayaram Bhasker, Prentice Hall, 1992, ISBN 0-13-952987-x, Covers the basic description of things and how they are used. Usually around ~ $50 US. I am not associated with Prentice Hall, Mr. Bhasker, or CYPRESS Semiconductor, but I have found (as have some others) these things to be useful and relatively inexpensive." 
- Michael Fugere, Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

""A VHDL Primer" by J. Bhasker represents a thorough coverage of VHDL basics. There are some VHDL advanced topics including VHDL synthesis that are not explored in this book but this leaves more room for explaining the important issues. The beginner will definitely appreciate this focus on introductory topics as well as the large number of examples. For someone, especially a beginner or someone who wants to use VHDL'93 now the Bhasker book can be a decent alternative." 
- Mircea Stan, University of Massachusetts, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"VHDL Primer By Bhasker is a good book..which I believe will help to understand the language better." 
- S. Senthil Nathan, IC Design Team, Sage India {P) Ltd, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"I own and have used your VHDL Primer book when I was synthesizing VHDL ASICs for In Focus. It is a good book." 
- Clifford E. Cummings(*), Sunburst Design

"Yes, I have used the primer and it is my VHDL reference book of choice." 
- Prof. Doran Wilde, Brigham Young University

"I have a copy of your VHDL Primer and have used it as a course book. I found it to be one of the best books on VHDL that I had read."
- Lori Lucke(*), University of Minnesota

"The Bhasker book is real good too." 
- Andy Peters, Sr. Electrical Engineer, National Optical Astronomy Observatories, ... on newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl

"I have your VHDL Primer book which I am finding very useful" 
- Peter Reed (*), Bell Labs

"After trying 4 or 5 other books in the Uni. Library, I ended up using VHDL Primer continuously, and I would like to say, I am very pleased with the way it is presented. I have been able to find not all, but most of what I required . . . I am happy to say that, to my limited observation, your book is far more better than any other book I have searched in content, density and presentation"
- Canturk Isci, Univ. of Westminster

"It (the book) was very handy and very informative. I usually recommend people to read this book."
- Pawan Kumar Fangaria(*), Cadence Design Systems

"I have read your VHDL Primer and was very much impressed by the contents since it was of great help for a beginner like me to this field."
- Sameer Dabadghav, Design engineer, Motorola India Pvt. Ltd.

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