SystemC book

A SystemC Primer

Foreword by Stanley Krolikoski, Chairman, Open SystemC Initiative

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ISBN 0-9650391-2-9, Hardcover (CD included), $99.95(Not available)
320 pages
Softcover, No CD, ISBN 978-0-9846292-0-6, US$74.95, *** AVAILABLE ***(Quantity discounts)

Star Galaxy Publishing, 2004

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Table of Contents
295 pages
ISBN 0-9650391-8-8
Star Galaxy Publishing, 2002
This edition is no longer available!

Reader comments:

Network System Design Conference Newsletter

"I read your book cover-to-cover over and it is excellent! It develops the material
logically. The language is lucid and new concepts are clearly explained.
I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues."
- Pramod Argade

"This is an excellent book - I will recommend it to my students whenever they are going to learn SystemC. It is understandable for people whose native language is not English as far as they can understand it as required in our profession"
- Sven Heithecker, Technical University of Braunschweig

"Is easy to understand for anyone with digital logic design background . . . suitable as an introduction book to SystemC . . . Examples are very helpful"
- Xiaoyan Huang

"I enjoyed reading the SystemC Primer book. It was very easy to read and the examples were excellent. I feel like I have a good understanding of the language. I felt that the examples showed the positive attributes of the new language specifically the parameterization of models so they can be reusable. By using the examples the designer can focus more on the design itself and not the language"
- Jean Witinski

"This is a very useful book for those interested in SystemC for hardware design. It has many practical examples and gives pragmatic advice on what is possible with hardware synthesis"
- Grant Martin, Fellow, Cadence Labs

"This book provides an excellent introduction to SystemC. SystemC concepts are clearly explained and illustrated with practical examples. It is a must read for people interested in modeling hardware in SystemC"
- Abhijit Ghosh, Synopsys

"This is definitely a reference for designers who want to learn SystemC. Numerous examples guide the reader towards a sound understanding of the language. Higher level SystemC features are introduced and not kept aside. Bottom line, a very good book to SystemC . . . "
- Yves Vanderperren, Alcatel Microelectronics

"Excellent introduction to SystemC constructs explained with detailed examples, complete with corresponding logic diagrams. A must for every SystemC designer's desk"
- Sanjiv Narayan

"I enjoyed reading it. Recommended to designers learning SystemC for modeling and synthesis . . . it will also be welcomed on both graduate and advanced undergraduate courses"
- David Long, Doulos

"Well suited as a text book for students and a great value for hardware designers that want to get started with SystemC"
- Bernhard Niemann, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

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