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**** Available now! Static Timing Analysis for Nanometer Designs: A Practical Approach.

**** Available now! An ASIC Low Power Primer: Analysis, Techniques and Specification.

Price of books have changed effective Sept 1, 2009.

Synopsys raffled out a number of copies of the book on STA at the recently held Design Automation Conference, 2009.

Bhasker is on the Technical Program Committee for DesignCon 2010.

Bhasker is on the Technical Program Committee for DVCon 2010.

A SystemVerilog Primer - available from amazon.com

Mentioned on slashdot.

Bhasker receives the IEEE Computer Society Meritorious Award

Published a paper with P. Dudek at ChipEx2010 Conference "Advanced floor planning and clock tree synthesis techniques for handling large regular structures".

Books are no longer available from Star Galaxy Publishing. Get all from amazon.com

Bhasker presented "Story of HDLs: My perspective", ISA-NCR Distinguished Speaker Series, Nov 2010, Noida, UP, India

A SystemVerilog Primer based on IEEE1800-2009. (Table of contents)

A SystemVerilog Primer
By J.Bhasker, Hardcover, 978-0-9650391-1-6, US$99.95

The perfect book to get you started writing synthesizable Verilog models quickly. (Table of contents)

Verilog HDL Synthesis, A Practical Primer
By J.Bhasker, Paperback, 0-9650391-5-3, US$74.95

Exchange formats demystified with clear and concise examples. Reading the book will give you the power to understand these formats faster. (Table of contents)

The Exchange Format Handbook: A DEF, LEF, PDEF, SDF and VCD Primer
By J.Bhasker, Paperback, 0-9650391-3-7, US$69.95

The third edition of the best-selling book on Verilog HDL - based on IEEE Std 1364-2001. Learn Verilog HDL the fast and easy way. Use this primer for a thorough understanding of the basic building blocks of Verilog HDL. (Table of contents)

A Verilog HDL Primer, Third Edition
By J.Bhasker, Hardcover, ISBN 0-9650391-6-1, US$89.95

[Front cover]

A primer that gradually introduces the reader to the complexities of SystemC by reference to common digital design concepts. (Table of contents)

A SystemC Primer, Second Edition
By J.Bhasker, Hardcover, ISBN 0-9650291-2-9, US$99.95 (Not available)
Softcover, No CD, ISBN 978-0-9846292-0-6, $74.95, **AVAILABLE**

[Front cover]

New and improved edition with lots of new examples added! Based on IEEE Std 1076.3 Arithmetic packages (NUMERIC_BIT and NUMERIC_STD). (Table of contents)

A VHDL Synthesis Primer, Second Edition
By J.Bhasker, Hardcover, ISBN 0-9650391-9-6, US$84.95

The goal of the Power of the Mind is to assist one in attaining holistic well-being or a state of being where the body and mind function as one. This book that will transform your life.

Power of the Mind
Experiencing, Harnessing and Utilizing the Force Within

By Raman, Paperback, ISBN 0-9650391-4-5, US$15.95

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